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stretching forth through mud and murk
the lotus blooms

Rock Lee
Date: 2007-03-15 20:50
Subject: 004- Mission update, again!
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I apologize for not writing for so long; I have been training and sparring with Sand-nin in my spare time, as well as helping civilians and exploring Suna.  (I can run a thousand laps around with no trouble now!)

Gaara is making excellent progress; I think I may be able to leave soon.  Once he's gotten all the basics, I won't be needed.  All he has to do is practice diligently, stick to the diet, and keep sparring as often as he can, and he should be adequately prepared for... low to mid chuunin-level taijutsu combat, at least.  It will take more time to reach jounin level, but I am positive he can do it :D

So anyway, I have a great amount of souvenirs for everyone!  Suna has a huge array of merchandise - the fabrics are wonderfully light and beautiful, but strong; the salted tongues can apparently keep for centuries; and I found a man selling ornate fans (for Sakura-san) and - if you can believe it - sunglasses (for Neji). Oh, I petted a llama (they are so cute) and tried to ride a camel, but I forgot I had my weights on... luckily, the strap broke as soon as I put my foot on it, so the camel was not harmed.  *whew*

Guess what, Tenten?  Some of the cacti here have spines as sharp as your kunai - maybe even sharper.  I hope you like them ;)
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Rock Lee
Date: 2007-02-24 19:25
Subject: 003- Mission update!!
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Rock Lee
Date: 2007-02-19 19:05
Subject: 002 - I HAVE A MISSION!!!
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My dearest friends, I have just received a most interesting order.  I am to travel to Suna - by myself - to personally oversee the training of an as-of-yet unknown individual.  I don't know why Hokage-sama didn't tell me; all she said was that I have to talk to the Kazekage about it, and then she pointed me out of the room with a bottle of sake.

How mysterious!  I am aquiver with excitement!  I have to pack and bid my friends farewell - and then it's off to Suna!

Oh, but before I leave...

About the lunch date Sakura-san and I had not too long ago...

Her heart still yearns for... that person.  I tried to comfort her, but I think that one, and only one, thing can ever make her truly happy.


We watched the sunset together.  It was beautiful.
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Rock Lee
Date: 2007-02-04 14:16
Subject: 001 - The Beautiful Green Beast of Konoha has arrived!
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My wonderful friends, I have just returned from my latest mission after rescuing Gaara-kun - I mean, Kazekage-sama.  It was a superb test of endurance and perseverance, a challenge of infinite proportions!  But I must not be idle - two hundred laps around Konoha, and then, if no one wants to grab lunch, I'll climb up a waterfall three hundred times with both arms behind my back.  YOSH!!
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